7 Signs of A Healthy Church Series

It seems like everybody has a different opinion today about what the church should look like and what kind of church they want to attend. With so many styles, buildings, visions, etc., how does one know what the true church looks like? Jesus has a dream for His Church. He knows what He wants. He revealed this desire to the Apostle John while He was stranded on the island of Patmos. If you’d like to have a sense of what kind of church Christ wants you to attend, then you won’t want to miss this series of messages based on John’s vision and sent to the seven churches of Asia minor.


August 19, 2018 – All Head, No Heart – Pastor Todd Bush                                  Notes

August 26, 2018 – I Know – Pastor Todd Bush                                                     Notes

September 2, 2018 – All In, Sort of – Pastor Todd Bush                                       Notes

September 9, 2018 – The Road Less Traveled – Pastor Seth Bush                     Notes

September 16, 2018 – Had Enough? – Pastor Todd Bush                                    Notes

September 23, 2018 – Opportunity Knocks – Pastor Todd Bush                          Notes

September 30, 2018 – Bad Plumbing? – Pastor Todd Bush                                 Notes