E.T. Series (A Series on Discipleship)

Many times in life we are under the impression that things are riskier, scarier and more difficult than they really are.  However, if we can get ourselves to take another look at what has scared us in the past, it usually doesn’t seem anywhere near as it had once appeared.  The same is true with the Biblical concept of discipleship.  Sometimes we think we have to have a complete grasp of Scripture, that we have to have leadership skills, that we have to be able to answer all questions about our faith journey before we can help others.  However, the Scriptures seem to suggest another way.  A simpler way built on relationships and shared life experiences.  If you ever wondered what Discipleship is really all about than you won’t want to miss this series entitled, “E.T. An Everyday Terror.”


October 7, 2018 – Introductions – Pastor Seth Bush                                                  Notes

October 14, 2018 – Why Can’t We Be Friends? – Pastor Todd Bush                        Notes